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%SQL.CSVResultSet is a hidden class, internal to ISC, that provides the basic functionality necessary to bind a result set to an external data source that is in csv format. This class is hidden because users need not be aware that it exists. To prepare a new CSV-bound result set it is only necessary to call a method in %SQL.DynamicStatement. Refer to that class for more information.


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• method %Get(pColumnName As %String) as %String
Returns the value of the column with the name pColumnName in the current row of the result set.

If pColumnName is not a valid column name, this method throws a error.

• method %GetData(pColumnNbr As %Integer = 0) as %String
Returns the value of column colnbr in the current row of the result set.
• method %SendODBC() as %Integer
Fetch and send a series of rows for the ODBC/JDBC server. For internal use only.
• method parseString(in, del, quote, return, ByRef continue, ByRef stream=0, term="")