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abstract class %SOAP.Descriptor extends
%RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor

Super class for generated classes that represent WebMethods. Subclass %SOAP.MsgDescriptor is the super class for all Service WebMethods. Subclass %SOAP.ProxyDescriptor is the super class for all Client proxy WebMethods.
This class is used internally by InterSystems IRIS. You should not make direct use of it within your applications. There is no guarantee made about either the behavior or future operation of this class."


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%SOAP.MsgDescriptor %SOAP.ProxyDescriptor


• parameter NAMESPACE;
NAMESPACE - specifies the XML namespace to be used for the XMLExport of the SOAP body's request and response messages. This parameter directly controls namespace usage by XMLExport.
SOAPBINDINGSTYLE - specifies SoapBindingStyle keyword for this web method.
• parameter SOAPBODYUSE;
SOAPBODYUSE - specifies SoapBodyUse keyword for this web method.
• parameter SOAPONEWAY;
If = 1, then this is a one-way SOAP operation.
• parameter TYPENAMESPACE;
TYPENAMESPACE specifies the XML namespace for the types used for the method arguments and return types in this web client or web service when importing a SOAP message.
• parameter XMLELEMENT;
Specifies if part elements of messages in the WSDL use type or element attribute. XMLELEMENT defaults to 1 for "literal" WSDL and to 0 for "encoded" WSDL.
XMLIMPORTNAMESPACE specifies the XML namespace for the method definition in the WSDL for the web service when importing a SOAP message.
• parameter XMLRESULTNAME;
Name of result property


• classmethod GetSoapParameters(ByRef bindingStyle As %String, ByRef bodyUse As %String, ByRef namespace As %String, ByRef xmlimportnamespace As %String, ByRef typeNamespace As %String, ByRef oneWay As %Boolean, ByRef xmlelement As %Boolean, ByRef bare As %Boolean)
Make the class parameters available a run time.
• method ImportSOAPMessage(messageName As %String, ResultName As %String, handler, message, messageChildlist, mimeAttachments As %Net.MIMEPart, checkRequired As %Boolean) as %Status
Import the SOAP message -- request if a service and response if a client.
• private classmethod NeedsAdjustment(ByRef ResultName As %String) as %Boolean
Determine if the result element in a web client response needs to be adjusted to always match.