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%REST.OpenAPI is the class which manages the OpenAPI 2.0 swagger description.


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IgnoreUnexpectedFields InternalError JSONPath Strict

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FromExternalDocumentation FromHeader FromHeaders FromInfo
FromItems FromLicense FromOperation FromParameter
FromParameterDefinitions FromParameters FromPath FromPaths
FromResponse FromResponseDefinitions FromResponses FromSchema
FromSchemaCommon FromSchemaOpenAPI FromSecurityDefinition FromSecurityDefinitions
FromSecurityRequirement FromSecurityRequirements FromSwagger FromTag
FromTags FromXML GetReferencedObject Location


• property IgnoreUnexpectedFields as %Boolean;
If IgnoreUnexpectedFields is true, then unexpected fields will be ignored. If IgnoreUnexpectedFields is false, then unexpected fields will result in an error. If Strict=true, IgnoreUnexpectedFields defaults to false. Otherwise IgnoreUnexpectedFields defaults to true.
• property InternalError as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
The InternalError property is set to true if an internal error is trapped.
• property JSONPath as %String;
The JSON path of the current property. JSONPath is built up as we go along in order to be used in error messages.
• property Strict as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
Determine how strict error checking is for the swagger definition. If Strict=0 (false), then only the swagger properties which are needed for code generation are checked. If Strict=1 (true), then all swagger properties are checked. The value of the strict parameter defaults to 1 (true)."
• property internalIgnoreUnexpectedFields as %Boolean [ Private ];
• property referenceIndex as %RegisteredObject [ MultiDimensional ];
Index of globally defined OpenAPI objects:
referenceIndex(,)=object where type is "parameters","responses", "securityDefinitions" or "schema"


• method ArrayToList(array As %DynamicArray, propertyName As %String, Output arrayString As %String) as %Status
Convert a dynamic array to a comma separated list
• method CheckExtraFields(obj As %DynamicObject, fieldList As %List, objectName As %String) as %Status
Return an error if any fields not in the specified fieldList are present.
• classmethod CheckURL(url As %String) as %Boolean
Check for valid OpenAPI 2.0 URL
• method ConvertOpenAPIToRESTSpec(openAPI As %DynamicObject, Output RESTSpecClass As %REST.RESTSpec.RESTSpecObject) as %Status
Convert an OpenAPI description to a set of classes specifying the RESTSpec.
openAPI is the OpenAPI 2.0 specification to convert to a RESTSpec. openAPI may be expressed as a dynamic object, a stfream or a string.
The oref of the class containing the new RESTSpec is returned in RESTSpecClass
• classmethod ConvertURL(url As %String, ByRef modifiedUrl, ByRef parameters) as %Boolean
Convert OpenAPI 2.0 URL to form needed for UrlMap with regular expressions. The parameters argument is returned as a local array of parameter names.
• method CreateReferencedObject(ref As %DynamicObject, definitionType As %String, key As %String, referencedObject As %RegisteredObject) as %Status
Create a globally referenced object
• classmethod FindParamater(parameterList As %ListOfObjects, name As %String, in As %String) as %REST.RESTSpec.ParameterObject
Find the parameter specified by 'name' and 'in' in the parameter list.
• method FindReferencedObject(reference As %String, definitionType As %String, Output referencedObject As %RegisteredObject) as %Status
Find the previously defined schema definition paceholder object. Currently only local references are supported
• method FromContact(contact As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert swagger.info.contact to RESTSpec apiInfo.contact
• method FromDefinitions(definitions As %DynamicObject, definitionList As %ListOfObjects) as %Status
Convert swagger.definitions to RESTSpec schemas
• method FromExamples(examples As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert response examples to RESTSpec Examples Object
• method FromExternalDocumentation(externalDocs As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert swagger externalDocs to RESTSpec External Documentation Object
• method FromHeader(header As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert swagger header to RESTSpec Header Object
• method FromHeaders(headers As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert swagger headers to RESTSpec headers
• method FromInfo(info As %DynamicObject, apiInfo As %REST.RESTSpec.APIInfoObject) as %Status
Convert swagger.info to RESTSpec apiInfo
• method FromItems(items As %DynamicObject, itemsObject As %REST.RESTSpec.ItemsObject, ByRef allowedFields As %String) as %Status
Convert swagger items to RESTSpec Items Object
• method FromLicense(license As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert swagger.info.license to RESTSpec apiInfo.license
• method FromOperation(operation As %DynamicObject, route As %REST.RESTSpec.RouteItemObject, parameterList As %ListOfObjects) as %Status
Convert swagger operation to RESTSpec route
• method FromParameter(parameter As %DynamicObject, parameterObject As %REST.RESTSpec.ParameterObject, isDefinition As %Boolean) as %Status
Convert swagger parameter to RESTSpec ParameterObject
• method FromParameterDefinitions(parameters As %DynamicObject, parameterList As %ListOfObjects) as %Status
Convert swagger.parameters to RESTSpec parameters
• method FromParameters(parameters As %DynamicArray, parameterList As %ListOfObjects) as %Status
Convert swagger parameters to RESTSpec list of ParameterObjects
• method FromPath(path As %DynamicObject, url As %String, routes As %REST.RESTSpec.RoutesObject) as %Status
Convert swagger path to RESTSpec route
• method FromPaths(paths As %DynamicObject, routes As %REST.RESTSpec.RoutesObject) as %Status
Convert swagger.paths to RESTSpec RoutesObject
• method FromResponse(response As %DynamicObject, responseObject As %REST.RESTSpec.ResponseObject, isDefinition As %Boolean) as %Status
Convert swagger response to RESTSpec Response Object
• method FromResponseDefinitions(responses As %DynamicObject, responseList As %ListOfObjects) as %Status
Convert swagger.responses to RESTSpec responses
• method FromResponses(responses As %DynamicObject, responsesObject As %REST.RESTSpec.ResponsesObject) as %Status
Convert operation responses to RESTSpec responses
• method FromSchema(schema As %DynamicObject, schemaObject As %REST.RESTSpec.SchemaObject = "", isDefinition As %Boolean, containerType As %String = "", mapKey As %String = "") as %Status
Convert swagger schema to RESTSpec Schema Object
• method FromSchemaCommon(schema As %DynamicObject, schemaObject As %REST.RESTSpec.SchemaObject, isSchema As %Boolean, ByRef allowedFields As %String) as %Status
Convert common fields of swagger parameter and schema to RESTSpec ParameterObject or SchemaObject properties.
• method FromSchemaOpenAPI(schema As %DynamicObject, ByRef allowedFields As %String) as %Status
Check fields which are unique to OpenAPI use of schema
• method FromSecurityDefinition(securityDefinition As %DynamicObject, securityDefinitionObject As %REST.RESTSpec.SecuritySchemeObject) as %Status
Convert swagger securityDefinitions to RESTSpec FromSecurityDefinition Object
• method FromSecurityDefinitions(securityDefinitions As %DynamicObject, securityDefinitionList As %ListOfObjects) as %Status
Convert swagger.securityDefinitions to RESTSpec securitySchemes
• method FromSecurityRequirement(securityRequirement As %DynamicObject, securityRequirementObject As %REST.RESTSpec.SecurityRequirementObject) as %Status
Convert swagger securityDefinitions to RESTSpec Security Requirements Object
• method FromSecurityRequirements(securityRequirements As %DynamicObject, securityRequirementsList As %ListOfObjects) as %Status
Convert swagger security array to RESTSpec Security Requirements Object
• method FromSwagger(openAPI As %DynamicObject, restSpec As %REST.RESTSpec.RESTSpecObject) as %Status
Convert swagger to RESTSpec class tree.
• method FromTag(tag As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert swagger tag to RESTSpec Tag Object
• method FromTags(tags As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert swagger tags to RESTSpec Tags Object
• method FromXML(xml As %DynamicObject) as %Status
Convert schema xml properties to RESTSpec schema XML Object
• method GetReferencedObject(ref As %DynamicObject, definitionType As %String, Object As %RegisteredObject, Output referencedObject As %RegisteredObject) as %Status
Get the object referenced by $ref. Currently only local references are supported
• method Location(current As %String = "") as %String