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class %REST.Application extends %RegisteredObject, %JSON.Adaptor

%REST.Application describes a REST application.


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dispatchClass enabled name namespace
resource swaggerSpec webApplications

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• property dispatchClass as %String(MAXLEN="");
The name of the dispatch class for this REST application.
• property enabled as %Boolean;
This application is enabled if the enabled property is true.
• property name as %String(MAXLEN="");
The name of the REST application either in the form of a web application name or package for REST specification class name.
• property namespace as %String(MAXLEN="");
The namespace in which this application is defined.
• property resource as %String(MAXLEN="");
Resource which is required for this application of the form resource:mode.
• property swaggerSpec as %xsd.anyURI;
A URL to produce a swagger specification for this application.
• property webApplications as %String(MAXLEN="");
a comma separated list of the web application that the REST application is deployed to.

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