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persistent class %Library.SysLogTable extends %Library.Persistent

Having this class that maps onto the data structure for the system log entries allows us to use the SQL projection to query the log. The log entries are inserted without using this class in case objects are not available at that time.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers


Category LogLevel Message Namespace Pid
Routine SessionId Tag TimeAdded

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• property Category as %String(MAXLEN=24);
• property LogLevel as %Integer;
• property Message as %String(MAXLEN=256);
• property Namespace as %String(MAXLEN=32);
• property Pid as %String(MAXLEN=16);
• property Routine as %String(MAXLEN=32);
• property SessionId as %String(MAXLEN=16);
• property Tag as %String(MAXLEN=16);
• property TimeAdded as %TimeStamp;

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