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%Cache Direct collection class


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• final method AtEnd(iterator As %Integer) as %Integer
• final method BuildStream(iterator As %Integer, level As %Integer) as %String
• final method Fetch(iterator As %Integer, returncount As %Integer) as %List
• final method GetAt(iterator As %Integer) as %List
• final method InitializeCursor(iterator As %Integer, level As %Integer) as %Integer
• final classmethod NewCollection(classname As %String, depth As %Integer, stream As %List, matchValue As %List, returnlevel As %Integer, summary As %Integer = 1, returnlen As %Integer) as %DynamicCollection
• final method Next(iterator As %Integer) as %Integer
• final method NextPointer(iterator As %Integer, level As %Integer) as %Integer
• final method NextValue(iterator As %Integer, level As %Integer) as %Integer
• method Start() as %Integer

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