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Private  Storage   


class %Installer.Component extends %RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor

Component manager class


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5 10


Compatibility List Name Prerequisites Version

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• property Compatibility as list of Component;
Minimum version for other components when installing this component
• property List as list of Component;
List is used to keep track of a list of components
• property Name as %String;
• property Prerequisites as list of Component;
• property Version as %String;


• classmethod BuildUpdateINI(pFileName="Component_"_$namespace_".ini")
• classmethod ComponentVersion(pDB="", pVersion="") as %Status
Version of the installed Component version
• classmethod ConfigureComponent(pDB="", pNamespace="", pVerbose=0, ByRef pVars) as %Status
Add mappings for a Namespace and additional configuration items
• classmethod GetXDataAsStreamWithSubstitutions(pXData, ByRef pStream) as %Status
• classmethod InstallComponent(pDB="", pVerbose=0, pDev=0) as %Status
Call ##class(Installer.Install).OnInstallComponent in the corresponding database
• classmethod InstallUpdateINI(pFileName="Components.ini", pDirectory=$system.Util.DataDirectory())
• classmethod LoadComponentINI(ByRef pList, pFile="Components.ini", pDirectory=$zu(12)_"utils/") as %Status
• classmethod UnInstallComponent(pDB="", pVerbose=0) as %Status
Call ##class(Installer.Install).OnUnInstallComponent in the corresponding database
• classmethod UnconfigureComponent(pDB="", pNamespace="", pVerbose=0, pPurgeFiles=0, ByRef pVars) as %Status
Remove mappings for a Namespace (to a component)
• classmethod UpdateComponentINI(pComponent As Component, pFile="Components.ini", pDirectory=$zu(12)_"utils/", pFromBuild=0) as %Status