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class %Exception.SQL extends %Exception.AbstractException

An SQL exception is instantiated using SQLCODE and %msg. It provides a convenient mechanism for reporting SQLCODE errors using exceptions. The resulting exception can be processed as a %Status value using the AsStatus() method or the original SQLCODE value along with the %msg value can be retrieved as Code and Data respectively. Authors of catch tException { } can test for an SQL exception using tException.%IsA("%Exception.SQL") to perform error handling and reporting specific to SQL.


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CreateFromSQLCODE SQLMessageString


• classmethod CreateFromSQLCODE(pSQLCODE As %Integer, pMessage As %String(MAXLEN="")) as %Exception.SQL
Instantiate an exception from SQLCODE and %msg.
• method SQLMessageString(pLevel As %Integer = 0) as %String
This returns a string that represents the SQL %msg string. Users should feel free to modify the format and content in subclasses

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