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abstract class %DeepSee.WizardUtils

%DeepSee.WizardUtils implements utility methods used by various DeepSee Wizards.


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• classmethod %GenerateCubeDefinition(pSourceClass As %Library.String(MAXLEN="")="", pCubeName As %Library.String(MAXLEN=""), pCubeClass As %Library.String(MAXLEN="")="", pAutoDelete As %Library.Integer = 0)
Generate a DeepSee Cube definition class from a compiled persistent class.
pSourceClassThe name of the class from which a cube definition is to be generated.
pCubeNameThe name of the cube to be generated.
pCubeClassThe name of the cube definition class to be generated.
pAutoDeleteIf passed as a non-zero value then the generator will automatically delete the cube definition class if it already exists.

This method returns a status value indicating success or failure. If this method fails then the cube class definition is not created.

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