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class %DeepSee.UI.ChartPDF extends %ZEN.Report.reportPage

Render a chart to PDF by using the Zen reports infrastructure.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 6 11


This is a Zen Report class. 

%ArrayLogFiles %SplitReturnedPDFs %display %id
%seriesCount %seriesNames %source AggregatesIgnoreNLS
CheckPDFNotZeroLength ConnectTimeOut CountRepeatingElement Datasource
DefaultFontFaceCopyHTML DefaultFontSizeCopyHTML ExcelServer ExcelServerTimeOut
FileLifeTime MainReport Mode NamespaceDeclarations
OldBehaviorLineFeedOnBreak OptionCachePath OptionConserve OptionDPI
OptionEnableAccessibility OptionFlush OptionLang OptionNoAccessContent
OptionNoAnnotations OptionNoAssembleDoc OptionNoComplexScript OptionNoCopy
OptionNoEdit OptionNoFillInForms OptionNoPrint OptionNoPrintHq
OptionOwnerPassword OptionPDFProfile OptionRelaxed OptionUserPassword
PDFMergeMemSize PS PrintServer PrintTimeOut
RS RenderDirectlyOnTimeout RenderTimeOut RepeatingElement
ReportDir ReportXMLNameSpace ReportXMLNameSpacePrefix SaxMemSize
SetProcessWideRunTimeMode SplitAndMerge SplitDir SplitOnly
SplitRootName StripPI SubReport SuppressExcelHeaders
TableAltColor TimeOut TooLongText UseHTML5
UseRawIOForXML UseSemaphore XsltVersion axisLabels
dataValues getxmlstylesheet isHTML5 isServer
kpi mdx seriesSize toexcelstream
tohtmlstream toxslfostream xmlfile xmlstream
xmlstylesheet xmlstylesheetarg
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%ZenChartToCOS %getDisplayUniqueExcelSheetName %getUniqueExcelSheetName
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OnAfterCreateDisplay OnHTTPHeader OnPage
OnPageError OnPostHTTP OnPostHyperEvent
OnPreHTTP OnPreHyperEvent Page
Purge QuoteJS RewriteURL
ShowError StartTimer StopTimer
TestPDFGeneration ThrowError ToExcelDate
UnLock UnescapeHTML UnescapeURL
getNames getchartdata transformColor


parameter DEFAULTMODE = "pdf";
parameter DOMAIN = "%DeepSee";
Localization domain. DataModel classes that wish to support localization must provide a value for this within subclasses.
parameter EMBEDXSL = 0;


property RS as %DeepSee.ResultSet;
Holder for DeepSee result set.
property axisLabels as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ MultiDimensional ];
Holder for chart labels.
property dataValues as %ZEN.Datatype.string [ MultiDimensional ];
Holder for data.
property kpi as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
KPI to run.
property mdx as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
MDX to run.
property seriesSize as %ZEN.Datatype.integer;
Holder for seriesSize.


classmethod %GetContext(Output pContext, Output pParms)
Fill in the context array from the current URL parameters. Also fill in the parameter array used to resolve expression references in %ParseExpr.
method %GetKPIData(ByRef pContext, ByRef pParms, pKPI As %String, Output pData) as %Status
Get data from the given KPI.
method %OnAfterCreateDisplay(pDisplay As %ZEN.Report.Display.report)
Create a chart and add it to the page.
classmethod %OnPreHTTP() as %Boolean
Test for additional resources.
classmethod %XMLtoZenChart(pXML As %String, Output pChart As %ZEN.SVGComponent.chart) as %Status
Convert XML into a ZEN chart component.
classmethod %ZenAxisToCOS(pWhich As %String, pAxis As %ZEN.Auxiliary.axis, Output pCOSAxis As %ZEN.Report.Display.COSChart.caxis) as %Status
Convert a Zen axis into a COS axis.
classmethod %ZenChartToCOS(pChart As %ZEN.SVGComponent.chart, Output pCOSChart As %ZEN.Report.Display.COSChart.cchart) as %Status
Convert a Zen chart into a COS chart.
classmethod GetTableData()
Get the data, as xml, for the current query.
method getNames(val, yAxisNo, pChart)
Return the axis labels for this chart.
method getchartdata(ByRef var, pChart)
Return the array of data to be displayed within the chart.
method transformColor(color)