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class %DeepSee.Query.Engine2 extends

Contains additional logic for calculating the results of a DeepSee query.


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• classmethod %ApplySlicerMask(pCube As %String, pSlicerKey As %String, ByRef pExtent, pHasRelations As %Boolean = 0, ByRef pRelation)
Apply the slicer mask to a given query and bucket number.
• classmethod %CanonizeAddr(pAddr As %String) as %String
Take a cell address and return its canonic form.
• classmethod %CanonizeRelationKey(pKeyCode As %String) as %String
Take a relationship key code and return its canonic form (put all pieces in alpha-order).
• classmethod %CombineSpecs(pFactCount As %Integer, pSpec1 As %List, pSpec2 As %List) as %List
Combine 2 cell "specs" and return the resulting spec.
• classmethod %ExecuteForBucket(pCube As %String, pKey As %String, pBucketNo As %Integer, pSlotNo As %Integer, ByRef pSections As %List, pTrace As %Boolean = 0, ByRef pStats) as %Status
Compute the values of cells within the result cube.
pCube is the name of the cube.
pKey is the query key.
pBucketNo is the logical bucket number to execute.
pSlotNo is the physical bucket slot number containing the results.
pSection, if defined, specifies, by axis, which sections of the result to calculate:
pSection(axis) = $LB(startNode,endNode)
pTrace is a debugging flag.
pStats is an array of statistics.
• classmethod %GetAxisInfo(pCubeName As %String, pKey As %String, Output pAxisType As %String, Output pAxisKey As %String, Output pAxisSize As %Integer, Output pSlicerAxis As %Boolean) as %Integer
For a given cube and query (key) return the number of axes (including the slicer).
pAxisType is an array containing the type of each axis: "axis" or "slicer".
pAxisNode is an array containing the top node number for each axis.
pAxisSize is an array containing the number of leaf nodes for each axis.
pSlicerAxis indicates whether there is a slicer axis. If there is this will contain the axis number for the slicer otherwise 0.
• classmethod %SetFactIntoSpec(pFactCount As %Integer, pSpec As %List, pFact As %Integer, pKey As %String, pForce As %Boolean = 0) as %List
Insert the given fact/key into the given cell spec.
• classmethod PrintBits(pMsg, pBits)