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abstract class %DeepSee.PMML.Dataset extends

A Dataset is a wrapper for a collection of records that can be analyzed, in order to build or run a model. Implementations abstracting different sources of data can be found in %DeepSee.PMML.Dataset.


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%DeepSee.PMML.Dataset.Base %DeepSee.PMML.Dataset.Bootstrap


• property Fields as array of %DeepSee.PMML.Dataset.Field;
• property IdField as %DeepSee.PMML.Dataset.Field;
• property Name as %String(MAXLEN=200);


• method Clear() as %Status
Clears all temporary structures created by this object. The dataset should remain usable after calling this method!
• abstract method Get1DDistribution(pField As %String, Output pDistribution, ByRef pFilters) as %Status
Returns an array describing the distribution of values for a field pField (categorical) accepts pFilters(n) = $lb(field, operator, key) returns: pDistribution("total") = tTotalCount pDistribution(n) = $lb(value, count)
• abstract method GetAggregatesByCategory(pContField As %String, pCatField As %String, Output pAggregates, ByRef pFilters) as %Status
Returns an array listing aggregate values for a continuous field pContField for each value of a categorical field pCatField. accepts pFilters(n) = $lb(field, operator, key) returns: pAggregates("total") = tTotalCount pAggregates(n) = $lb(category value, count, average, sum, max, min, countNonNull)
• method GetFieldBySpec(pFieldSpec As %String) as %DeepSee.PMML.Dataset.Field
• abstract method GetRecordIds(Output pIds, ByRef pFilters) as %Status
returns pIds(n) = rowid
• abstract method GetValueCount(pField As %String, pIncludeNull As %Boolean = 1, ByRef pFilters, Output pSC As %Status) as %Integer
Returns the number of distinct values for pField (categorical)
• abstract method GetXDDistribution(pFields As %List, Output pDistribution, ByRef pFilters) as %Status
accepts pFilters(n) = $lb(field, operator, key) returns: pDistribution = $lb(dim1Count, dim2Count, ...) pDistribution("value", dim, i) = value pDistribution(i, j, ...) = tCount pDistribution("total", dim, i) = tDimTotal
• method HasField(pFieldName As %String, Output pSC As %String) as %Boolean