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Private  Storage   


class %DeepSee.Model.relationship extends
%DeepSee.Model.node, %DeepSee.Model.source

Meta-data for a cube-to-cube relationship within a DeepSee cube.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
6 1


additionalDescription cardinality cube dependsOn
description disabled displayName factName
factSelectivity inverse linkClass linkProperty
name nullReplacement relatedCube sourceExpression

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• property cardinality as %DeepSee.Datatype.string(VALUELIST=",one,many",XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Cardinality of this relationship.
If "one", then this relationship refers to one fact within the related cube.
If "many", then this relationship refers to many facts within the related cube.
• relationship cube as %DeepSee.Model.cube(XMLPROJECTION="none") [ Inverse = relationships,Cardinality = one ];
Cube that this relationship belongs to.
• property dependsOn as %DeepSee.Datatype.string(MAXLEN=32000,XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
If defined, this is an MDX expression identifying another level/relationship within this cube that this relationship depends on, e.g., "[Outlet].[H1].[City]"
This causes the following changes to this cube.
  1. An additional index is created based on the "master" level's fact and this relationship's fact.
  2. When the set of members for this level is produced it is filtered using this index.
• property inverse as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName(XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Name of the inverse relationship within the related cube.
• property nullReplacement as %DeepSee.Datatype.string(XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Optional. If defined, this is used as the display value for any records that have no related item.
The nullReplacement property for the entire cube is ignored by relationships.
If not defined, then missing members will not be listed by queries.
• property relatedCube as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName(XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
(Logical) Name of the cube this relationship refers to.


• method %Validate() as %Status
Test if this relationship's definition is valid.