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abstract class %DeepSee.Model.cellCacheNode extends abstractNode

Base class for DeepSee Cell cache meta-data objects.


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disabled name

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%DeepSee.Model.cellCache %DeepSee.Model.cellCacheItem %DeepSee.Model.cellGroup


• parameter NAMESPACE = "";
NAMESPACE specifies the XML namespace to be used when projecting the class to XML. if NAMESPACE - "", the default namespace is used for the XML schema is used as the namespace for his class.
• parameter XMLINCLUDEINGROUP = 1;
Do not include *this* class in the XML groupings.


• property disabled as %Boolean(XMLPROJECTION="attribute") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Disabled flag. If true, then this member will be ignored when the DeepSee cube model is compiled.
• property name as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName(XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
Logical name of this element.

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