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class %Compiler.LG.QueryHelper extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %Collection.AbstractListOfObj


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method Count() as %Integer
Returns the number of elements contained in the list.
method GetAt(key As %Integer = 0) as %RegisteredObject
Finds and returns the value of the element at position key in the list.

GetAt returns the value of the element at location key or null string ("") if no element is found.

method GetNext(ByRef key As %Integer) as %RegisteredObject
Finds and returns the value of the element at the position after key in the list. If key is a null string (""), it returns the value of the first element in the list.

The value of key, which is passed by reference, is updated to the position value of the returned element or null string ("") if key is at the end of the list.

method Init(class As %String, sql As %String, args) as %Status
classmethod Query(class As %String, sql As %String, args) as QueryHelper