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Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
19 13


classType clientObjTypeClassifier dict dictCount
hasDeleteId hasExistsId hasNew hasOpen
hasOpenId isAbstract mdict methods
name package properties queries
shortname staticDictCount super

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• property classType as %Integer;
• property clientObjTypeClassifier as %Integer;
• property dict as list of %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property dictCount as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0,Transient ];
• property hasDeleteId as %Boolean;
• property hasExistsId as %Boolean;
• property hasNew as %Boolean;
• property hasOpen as %Boolean;
• property hasOpenId as %Boolean;
• property isAbstract as %Boolean;
• property mdict  [ MultiDimensional ];
• property methods as list of MetaMethodDef;
• property name as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property package as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property properties as list of MetaPropDef;
• property queries as list of MetaQueryDef;
• property shortname as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property staticDictCount as %Integer [ Transient ];
• property super as %String(MAXLEN=512);


• method AddString(name As %String)
• method CreateStaticPortionOfDict()
• method FilterAndTransform(Class As %String, PropName1 As %String) as %Status
• method GetDict(dict) as %Status
• method GetMethods(Class As %String, LanguageType As %Integer, ExcludeSpecials As %Integer, GenFlags As %Compiler.LG.GenFlags) as %Status
• method GetProperties(Class As %String, LanguageType As %Integer, GenFlags As %Compiler.LG.GenFlags) as %Status
• method GetQueries(Class As %String, LanguageType As %Integer) as %Status
• method KillDict() as %Status
• method MakeDict() as %Status
• classmethod WriteStaticDictJavaArrayInit()
• classmethod WriteStaticDictJavaCode()
• method send()
• method serialize(out As %GlobalBinaryStream)