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Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
38 11


ClientClassDef EagerFetchRequired IdPlaceholder JavaImplements
TableDef VersionChecking VersionProperty columns
foreignKeys indices isChild javaClassName
javaIClassName javaPClassName javaPackage methods
name parent parentClass properties
rowIdColumn rowIdJDBCCode rowIdType schemaName
serialState shortJavaClassName shortJavaIClassName shortJavaPClassName
supers systemJavaClassName systemJavaIClassName systemJavaPClassName
systemShortJavaClassName systemShortJavaIClassName systemShortJavaPClassName tableName
typeId xColumn

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GetColumns GetDict GetMetaDataSize GetMethods
GetProperties KillDict LogicalToOdbc MakeDict
MakeFrom OdbcToLogical


• property ClientClassDef as %Compiler.LG.MetaClassDef;
• property EagerFetchRequired as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
• property IdPlaceholder as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property JavaImplements as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property TableDef as %Compiler.LG.JavaTableDef;
• property VersionChecking as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
• property VersionProperty as %String;
• property columns as list of %Compiler.LG.JavaColumnDef;
• property foreignKeys as list of %Compiler.LG.JavaForeignKeyDef;
• property indices as list of %Compiler.LG.JavaIndexDef;
• property isChild as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
• property javaClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property javaIClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property javaPClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property javaPackage as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property methods as list of JavaMethodDef;
• property name as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property parent as %String(MAXLEN=512);
if class ia child, its parent class
• property parentClass as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property properties as list of JavaPropDef;
• property rowIdColumn as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
• property rowIdJDBCCode as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
• property rowIdType as %String(MAXLEN=512) [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
• property schemaName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property serialState as %List;
• property shortJavaClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property shortJavaIClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property shortJavaPClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property supers as list of %Compiler.LG.JavaClassDefPointer;
• property systemJavaClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property systemJavaIClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property systemJavaPClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property systemShortJavaClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property systemShortJavaIClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property systemShortJavaPClassName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property tableName as %String(MAXLEN=512);
• property typeId as %Integer [ InitialExpression = -1 ];
• property xColumn as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];


• method AddString(name As %String)
• method CleanUp(GenFlags As %Compiler.LG.GenFlags)
• method CreateStaticPortionOfDict() as %Status
• method GetColumns(Class As %String, LanguageType As %Integer, GenFlags As %Compiler.LG.GenFlags)
• method GetDict(dict)
• method GetMetaDataSize(verbose As %Boolean = 0)
• method GetMethods(Class As %String, LanguageType As %Integer, ExcludeSpecials As %Integer, GenFlags As %Compiler.LG.GenFlags) as %Status
• method GetProperties(Class As %String, LanguageType As %Integer, GenFlags As %Compiler.LG.GenFlags) as %Status
• method KillDict() as %Status
• method MakeDict() as %Status
• method MakeFrom(javaDef As %Compiler.LG.JavaClassDef, Class As %String, GenFlags As %Compiler.LG.GenFlags) as %Status