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class EnsLib.MQSeries.Message extends %Library.RegisteredObject

MQ Series Message wrapper

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property Body as %String);
Contains the message body as a string unless the body is too long, or unless the Adapter's ContentStreamClassname property was set to always use BodyStream instead
Property methods: BodyDisplayToLogical(), BodyGet(), BodyIsValid(), BodyLogicalToDisplay(), BodyLogicalToOdbc(), BodyNormalize(), BodySet()
property BodySize as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Property methods: BodySizeDisplayToLogical(), BodySizeIsValid(), BodySizeLogicalToDisplay(), BodySizeNormalize()
property BodyStream as %RegisteredObject;
Contains the message body as a stream if property Body is empty
Property methods: BodyStreamGet(), BodyStreamGetSwizzled(), BodyStreamIsValid(), BodyStreamNewObject(), BodyStreamSet()
property MessageId as %String (MAXLEN = 128);
Property methods: MessageIdDisplayToLogical(), MessageIdGet(), MessageIdIsValid(), MessageIdLogicalToDisplay(), MessageIdLogicalToOdbc(), MessageIdNormalize(), MessageIdSet()
property Source as %String);
Property methods: SourceDisplayToLogical(), SourceGet(), SourceIsValid(), SourceLogicalToDisplay(), SourceLogicalToOdbc(), SourceNormalize(), SourceSet()


method BodySizeGet() as %Integer

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