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class SYS.WSMon.EventSink extends %SOAP.WebService

This is an example of a CacheEventSink Web service which can recieve alerts from any InterSystems IRIS instance. Users should follow the WSDL generated from this class to create their own CacheEventSink Web method. Then register it using SYS.WSMon.Service.EventSubscribe() to "subscribe" to all alerts from each InterSystems IRIS instance.

The "alerts" would be the same events as those sent via SNMP, including all relevant alerts from messages.log (and the System Monitor). See the SYS.WSMon.wsEvent class for details on the properties included with each alert.

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parameter NAMESPACE =;
SOAP Namespace for the WebService
parameter SERVICENAME = CacheEventSink;
Name of the WebService.
Namespaces of referenced classes will be used in the WSDL.

Methods (Including Private)

method CacheEventSink(event As SYS.WSMon.wsEvent) as %Integer [ Language = objectscript, WebMethod ]
Example service for a CacheEventSink

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