class EnsLib.UDDI.URLResolutionPolicy extends %RegisteredObject

This class implements a policy for URL resolution. UDDI version 3 uses offers its services at 3 (possibly) different configurable URLs. There is a URL for each of Inquiry, Publish and Security. This class implements a policy for resolving the particular URLs. In the default implementaton, the strategy used is to append a string to a base url to determine the url of the required service. Users requiring a differnt policy should subclass this class and encode their own strategy by implementing the accessors for the Inquire, Publish and Security URL properties


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
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AdminURL CustodyURL InitializationString InquiryURL
PublicationURL ReplicationURL SecurityURL SubscriptionURL
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AdminURLGet CustodyURLGet InquiryURLGet PublicationURLGet
ReplicationURLGet SecurityURLGet SubscriptionURLGet


property AdminURL as %String [ ReadOnly ];
property CustodyURL as %String [ ReadOnly ];
property InitializationString as %String;
This is the initialization string. For this implementation its the base URL of the server
property InquiryURL as %String [ ReadOnly ];
property PublicationURL as %String [ ReadOnly ];
property ReplicationURL as %String [ ReadOnly ];
property SecurityURL as %String [ ReadOnly ];
property SubscriptionURL as %String [ ReadOnly ];


method AdminURLGet() as %String
Accessor for the AdminURL property
method CustodyURLGet() as %String
Accessof for the CustodyURL property
method InquiryURLGet() as %String
Accessof for the InquiryURL property
method PublicationURLGet() as %String
Accessor for the PublicationURL property
method ReplicationURLGet() as %String
Accessor for the ReplicationURL property
method SecurityURLGet() as %String
Accessor for the SecurityURL property
method SubscriptionURLGet() as %String
Accessor for the SubscriptionURL property
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