abstract class Ens.DashboardConverter

Contains the APIs needed to convert a legacy Ensemble Dashboard to a DeepSee Dashboard. This is not intended to perform a 100% conversion, but to get a reasonable amount of content moved over that can then be finished using the dashboard editor.


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%Convert %ProcessList %ProcessMeter


• classmethod %Convert(pProductionName As %String, pDashboardClass As %String, pNewName As %String, pVerbose As %Boolean = 1) as %Status
Convert the legacy Ensemble dashboard class, pDashboardClass to a DeepSee Dashboard definition in folder item pNewName.
• classmethod %ProcessList(ByRef pInfo, pList As %AbstractList, ByRef pLastMeter, pLevel As %Integer, pVerbose As %Boolean) as %Status
Process a list of meters in the dashboard definition.
• classmethod %ProcessMeter(ByRef pInfo, pMeter As CSPX.Dashboard.Meter, ByRef pLastMeter As CSPX.Dashboard.Meter, pVerbose As %Boolean) as %Status
Add one meter to the process list; place into correct grouping.
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