persistent class Ens.Config.SearchTableProp extends
%Persistent, Ens.Config.SearchTablePropAttrs

Persistent SearchTable Property specifier object, stored for use in generating SearchTable code and queries


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
2 6 3 2


ClassDerivation ClassExtent IndexType IsImplicit
Name PropId PropType SourceClass
StoreNulls Unselective

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• parameter XMLIGNORENULL = 1;
• parameter XMLNAME = "Property";


• property ClassDerivation as %String(MAXLEN=1011,XMLPROJECTION="NONE");
Full inheritance path for the class defining this property, down to Ens.VDoc.SearchTable This is used to identify which particular SearchTable subclass defined a particular property
• property ClassExtent as %String(MAXLEN=128,XMLPROJECTION="NONE");
Base class for the database extent of the class defining this property
• property IsImplicit as %Boolean(XMLPROJECTION="NONE") [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Was this property created by an explicit SearchTable property declaration or just by being referenced in a SearchTable item
• property Name as %String(XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
• property PropId as %Integer(XMLPROJECTION="NONE");
Id of the property definition within its SearchTable class extent Storing the PropId instead of the property Name saves storage space in the SearchTable
• property SourceClass as %String [ Calculated,Transient ];
Name of class from which this property is derived


• method SourceClassGet() as %String
This is a Get accessor method for the SourceClass property.
• classmethod UpdateOrCreate(pTemplate As Ens.Config.SearchTableProp, Output pProp As Ens.Config.SearchTableProp, pClassExtent As %String, pLockTimeout As %Numeric = 5) as %Status


•index (indexClassProp on ClassExtent,Name) [IdKey];
•index (indexPropId on PropId);
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