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InlReader Languagebase

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• property InlReader as %iKnow.Compiler.InlReader;
• property Languagebase as %iKnow.LB.Languagebase;


• method CloseTable()
Close the table currently being read
• method EntryCount() as %Integer
• method FetchRows(max As %Integer) as %Binary
Fetch at most max rows as a $LIST from the previously started table
• classmethod GetByName(name As %String) as Languagebase
• method GetEntry(key As %Integer) as %Binary
• method GetHash() as %String
• method GetName() as %Binary
• method InlFiles(name As %String, phase As %Integer) as %List
• method IsDynamic() as %Integer
Can this knowledgebase be instantiated dynamically by parsing existing .inl data?
• method NextEntry(key As %Integer = 0) as %Integer
• method PhaseCount() as %Integer
• method ReadTable(name As %Binary, phase As %Integer)
Indicate that the next fetch should start pulling values from the named table for dynamic loading.
• method TableAtEnd() as %Integer
Returns true if the currently reading table has exhausted its rows
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