persistent class %DeepSee.CubeManager.CubeEvent extends %Persistent

Records a single history event for a given cube for analysis of cube management.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
23 1 1


AgentCount AsynchUpdate BuildFrequency BuildTimeUnit
CubeEvent CubeKey CubeSize DependencyExempt
ErrorCount EventStatus ExprTime FactsUpdated
FinishTime MgmtGroup MissingRefs NCores
StartTime SynchFrequency SynchTimeUnit TotalTime
UpdatePlan UserName iKnowTime
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property AgentCount as %Integer;
Number of agents active on the system. This is the value returned by ##class(%DeepSee.Utils).%GetAgentCount()
property AsynchUpdate as %Boolean;
Record of whether or not the build was called in asynchronous mode
property BuildFrequency as %Integer;
Indicates how often the cube is scheduled to be built, in units of BuidTimeUnit
property BuildTimeUnit as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName;
Base unit of time for cube builds.
property CubeEvent as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName(DISPLAYLIST=",PreSynchCode,PostSynchCode,PostBuildCode,Build,Synch,Register,Unregister,Update,Repair",VALUELIST=",presynch,postsynch,postbuild,build,synch,register,unregister,update,repair");
The event being recorded.
property CubeKey as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName [ Required ];
The cube that is the subject of this event.
property CubeSize as %Integer;
Stores the current cube size of the cube. If the event is constructive (eg Build, Synch), this will be recorded after the event completes. If the event is destructive (eg Unregister) this is recorded prior to execution.
property DependencyExempt as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Log if the synchronize was exempt from the dependency and only updated due to schedule.
property ErrorCount as %Integer;
For build and synchronize, the count of errors while processing facts during this update.
property EventStatus as %Status;
Records the status message, if it exists, of the event after completion.
property ExprTime as %Numeric;
For builds, the build time spent processing expressions
property FactsUpdated as %Integer;
The number of facts updated in this event. This will only be set in Build or Synch operations. For builds, it is equal to the final cube size.
property FinishTime as %TimeStamp;
Timestamp recorded at the completion of the cube event.
property MgmtGroup as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName;
Management group the cube belongs to.
property MissingRefs as %Integer;
For build and synchronize, the count of missing relationship references encountered while processing facts.
property NCores as %Integer;
Number of CPU cores
property StartTime as %TimeStamp;
Timestamp recorded prior to event execution
property SynchFrequency as %Integer;
Indicates how often the cube is scheduled to be synched, in units of SynchTimeUnit
property SynchTimeUnit as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName;
Base unit of time for cube synchs.
property TotalTime as %Numeric;
Total amount of time this event took;
property UpdatePlan as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName;
Plan for how the cube is to be managed by the build/synch tasks.
property UserName as %Library.Username;
Name of the user that initiated the event.
property iKnowTime as %Numeric;
For builds, the build time spent processing iKnow indices


method TransferRegistryInfo(pCube As %String = "", pAction="", pMapCube As %DeepSee.CubeManager.RegistryMapCube = "", pMapGroup As %DeepSee.CubeManager.RegistryMapGroup = "") as %Status
Retrieves the current cube management settings from the cube registry and writes them to the event.


•index (LastUpdateIndex on CubeKey,CubeEvent,FinishTime);
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