class %CSP.Monitor.Server extends


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 5


AddressingIn AddressingOut Attachments Base64LineBreaks
BodyId BodyXmlId ContentId ContentLocation
FaultAddressing FaultHeaders HeadersIn HeadersOut
ImportHandler IsMTOM Location MTOMRequired
MsgClass OutputTypeAttribute Password RMSession
ReferencesInline RequestMessageStart ResponseAttachments ResponseContentId
ResponseContentLocation SAXFlags SecurityContextToken SecurityIn
SecurityNamespace SecurityOut SessionCookie SoapFault
SoapVersion Timeout Transport Username

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GetBodyId GetMatrix HyperEventCall HyperEventHead
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IsPrivate Link MakeFault MakeFault12
MakeSecurityFault MakeStatusFault MessageSearch NormalizeName
OnCancelSecureConversation OnPageError OnPostHTTP OnPostHyperEvent
OnPostWebMethod OnPreHyperEvent OnPreWebMethod OnRequestMessage
OnSOAPRequest OnStartSecureConversation Page Process
ProcessBinary ProcessBody ProcessBodyNode QuoteJS
ResendDuplicatedMessage Reset ReturnFault ReturnOneWay
RewriteURL ShowError StartTimer StopTimer
ThrowError UnescapeHTML UnescapeURL WSAddSignatureConfirmation
getCacheMatrix returnStatusError


• parameter NAMESPACE = "http://tempuri.org";
This is the namespace of the web service
• parameter SERVICENAME = "SOAPMonitor";
This is the name of the web service.
• parameter SOAPSESSION = 1;
When SOAPSESSION = 1, then the returned response will have a session header added to allow the web client to continue the session. Subsequent requests by the client could then contain the session header to maintain the session.


• classmethod GetMatrix(Type As %String = "Cache", Parameter As %String = "") as %CSP.Monitor.Matrix [ WebMethod ]
• final method MessageSearch(FilterObjStr As %Stream.GlobalCharacter, Timeout As %Numeric = -1, NextId As %Integer = 0, Type As %String = "Search") as %XML.DataSet [ WebMethod ]
• final method ResendDuplicatedMessage(OriginalHeaderId As %String, OriginalHeader As %Stream.GlobalBinary, NewTarget As %String, NewBody As %Stream.GlobalBinary, NewSource As %String, HeadOfQueue As %Boolean, pBodyUseOriginalNode As %String) as %String [ WebMethod ]
Returns NewHeaderId
• classmethod getCacheMatrix(Output pMatrix As %CSP.Monitor.Matrix, pParameter As %String = "") as %String
• classmethod returnStatusError(pStatusCode As %Status)
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