class %SYS.NLS.Locale extends %RegisteredObject

Exposes some properties and methods associated with a locale. If no locale is given to %New(), then the current one is used.

For system and process NLS table settings see %SYS.NLS.Table.
For current device NLS properties see %SYS.NLS.Device.
For date, time and number format properties see %SYS.NLS.Format.


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CharacterSet CollationTables Country CountryAbbr
Currency Description IdentifierTables Language
LanguageAbbr LowerCaseTables Name PatternTables
TitleCaseTables UpperCaseTables XLTTables XYTables
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property CharacterSet as %String;
Name of character set on which the current locale is based.
property CollationTables as %String;
List of available collation tables.
property Country as %String;
Country supported by the current locale.
property CountryAbbr as %String;
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 two-letter abbreviation of Country.
property Currency as %String;
Currency symbol.
property Description as %String;
Short description of the current locale.
property IdentifierTables as %String;
List of available identifier tables.
property Language as %String;
Localization language for the current locale.
property LanguageAbbr as %String;
ISO 639-1 two-letter abbreviation of Language.

In a few cases, where the language is used by more than one country, this abbreviation is hyphenated with the uppercase abbreviation of the country. For example, en-US, en-GB, pt-BR.
property LowerCaseTables as %String;
List of available lower-case tables.
property Name as %String;
Code name of the current locale.
property PatternTables as %String;
List of available pattern match tables.
property TitleCaseTables as %String;
List of available title-case tables.
property UpperCaseTables as %String;
List of available upper-case tables.
property XLTTables as %String;
List of available translation (i/o) tables
property XYTables as %String;
List of available $X/$Y tables.


classmethod GetLanguage(Loc As %String = "") as %List
Returns the language associated with a locale as
$LB({Property LanguageAbbr},{Property Language})

  • Loc - Locale code (optional)
If the locale code is not given, use the current locale.
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