class %REST.Impl extends

Abstract superclass for REST implementation classes generated from OpenAPI specifications.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
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%Api.IAM.v1.impl %Api.Mgmnt.v2.impl


• parameter ExposeServerExceptions = 0;
If ExposeServerExceptions is overridden as true, then details of internal errors will be exposed.


• classmethod %CheckAccepts(produces As %String) as %Boolean
Check that the ACCEPT request header is included in the produces list.
• classmethod %CheckUniqueArray(array As %ListOfDataTypes) as %Boolean
Check that all items of an array are unique.
• classmethod %DeleteHeader(name As %String)
Remove a header from the response. Note that name is not case sensitive
• classmethod %GetContentType()
Get the content-type header of the request
• classmethod %GetHeader(name As %String) as %String
Return the value of the name request header. Note that name is not case sensitive
• classmethod %LogError(methodName As %String, error As %String, data As %String)
Log an API Management error
• classmethod %ReportRESTError(statusCode As %String, sc As %Status, exposeServerExceptions As %Boolean = 0)
Report an error when processing a request. The implementation class may contain an override of %ReportRESTError in order to format the error response as required by the REST application. The override should use the %WriteResponse method to return the error response.
• classmethod %SetContentType(contentType As %String)
Set the content-type header of the response
• classmethod %SetHeader(name As %String, value As %String)
Sets a custom HTTP header into the reply. If you set the same header twice it will append the information to the first with a ',' between them. Note that name is not case sensitive, however we will remember the case of the header when sending this to the client.
• classmethod %SetHeaderIfEmpty(name As %String, value As %String) as %Boolean
Helper method that sets a header if it is currently empty, if it already has a value it does nothing. Returns true if the header was set and false if it did nothing.
• classmethod %SetStatusCode(statusCode As %String)
The HTTP Status code to be sent back in the response. The HTTP status codes are defined in RFC 2068.

• classmethod %WriteResponse(response)
%WriteResponse is used by the dispatch class to write the response to this request.
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