class %Net.LDAP.Client.Entries extends %RegisteredObject, %Collection.AbstractIterator

WARNING: This Class and its methods has been deprecated, please use the %SYS.LDAP class.

List of Entries returned from a search (See %Net.LDAP.Client.Session.Search() method)


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method EditCurEntry() as %Net.LDAP.Client.EditEntry
Edit/Modify current entry attributes.

Returns EditEntry object, use the returned object to modify the attributes

method GetAt(Key As %String = "") as %RawString

Finds and returns the entry (%Net.LDAP.Client.Entry) with DN of key.

GetAt returns the entry associated with key or null string ("") if no entry is found.

method GetNext(ByRef key As %RawString) as %RawString

Moves to the next entry at the location in the iteration, and returns the associated entry object (%Net.LDAP.Client.Entry).

If the key is a null string (""), it starts from the beginning. The value of key, which is passed by reference, is updated to the key value of the returned element or null string ("") if key is at the end of the array.
method Next(key As %RawString = "") as %RawString
Returns the next entry name at the location in the iteration. If key is a null string (""), then Next returns the first entry name
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