persistent class %DeepSee.CubeManager.CubeRegistry extends
%Persistent, %ZEN.DataModel.Adaptor

This class keeps track of how each cube is to be used in production. Properties of this class are accessed by various tasks to determine when a given cube should be built or synched.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
10 1


%Concurrency %data %id %seriesCount
%seriesNames %source BuildFrequency BuildTimeUnit
CubeKey CustomBuildOrder Disabled MgmtGroup
NaturalBuildOrder SynchFrequency SynchTimeUnit UpdatePlan

%%OIDGet %1Check %AddJrnObjToSyncSet %AddToSaveSet
%AddToSyncSet %BMEBuilt %BindExport %BuildIndices
%BuildIndicesAsync %BuildIndicesAsyncResponse %BuildIndicesSegment %BuildObjectGraph
%CheckConstraints %CheckConstraintsForExtent %ClassIsLatestVersion %ClassName
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%CopyDataToModel %CreateModelInstance %Delete %DeleteExtent
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%DispatchSetProperty %DowngradeConcurrency %ExecuteAfterTriggers %ExecuteBeforeTriggers
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%SQLQuickUpdate %SQLReleaseLock %SQLReleaseTableLock %SQLStorageValidation
%SQLTrigDelTab %SQLTrigInsTab %SQLUnlock %SQLUnlock2
%SQLUnlockError %SQLUnlockRef %SQLUpdate %SQLUpdateComputes
%SQLUpdateStreams %SQLValidateCompFields %SQLValidateFields %SQLicompView
%SQLnBuild %Save %SaveDirect %SaveIndices
%SaveModel %SerializeObject %SetModified %SortBegin
%SortEnd %SubmitHandler %SyncObjectIn %SyncTransport
%UnlockExtent %UnlockId %UpgradeConcurrency %ValidateIndices


• property BuildFrequency as %Integer;
Indicates how often the cube is to be built, in units of BuidTimeUnit
• property BuildTimeUnit as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName(DISPLAYLIST=",Day,Week,Month",VALUELIST=",Day,Week,Month");
Base unit of time for cube builds.
• property CubeKey as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName [ Required ];
This is the ALL CAPS cube name, to match DeepSee metadata.
• property CustomBuildOrder as %Integer;
This determines when the current MgmtGroup will be built in relation to other defined groups. This is entirely configurable by the user.
• property Disabled as %Boolean;
Disabled = 1 will block all automatic updates while leaving the cube visible in the registry.
• property MgmtGroup as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName;
Cubes can be grouped together in user-defined management groups. By default each cube belongs to its own group.
• property NaturalBuildOrder as %Integer;
This is the build order for this cube within the group. For cube relationship networks this is calculated automatically. This can be set for independent cubes within a group.
• property SynchFrequency as %Integer;
Indicates how often the cube is to be synched, in units of SynchTimeUnit
• property SynchTimeUnit as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName(DISPLAYLIST=",Minute,Hour,Day",VALUELIST=",Minute,Hour,Day");
Base unit of time for cube synchs.
• property UpdatePlan as %DeepSee.Datatype.entityName(DISPLAYLIST=",Manual,Build Only,Build and Synch,Synch Only",VALUELIST=",Manual,Build,BuildSynch,Synch");
Plan for how the cube is to be managed by the build/synch tasks.


•index (CubeKeyIndex on CubeKey) [IdKey,Unique];
The cube key must be unique within DeepSee, so we will reinforce that here.
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