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class %iKnow.Model.dictionary extends

Model representation of a Dictionary to be used for matching. See also %iKnow.Matching.DictionaryAPI


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7 1


description disabled items language matching
name profile

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• property description as %String(MAXLEN=1000,XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
An optional description for this Dictionary.
• property disabled as %Boolean(XMLPROJECTION="attribute");
If set to 1, this element is ignored when compiling, validating and building the domain
• relationship items as %iKnow.Model.dictionaryItem(XMLELEMENTREF=1,XMLPROJECTION="ELEMENT",XMLTYPECONSTRAINT="CHOICE") [ Inverse = dictionary,Cardinality = many ];
The Dictionary Items registered in this Dictionary
• property language as %String(MAXLEN=10,XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
The default language items and terms in this Dictionary are expressed in.
• relationship matching as %iKnow.Model.matching(XMLPROJECTION="none") [ Inverse = dictionaries,Cardinality = one ];
Link to the <matching> element this dictionary belongs to.
• property name as %String(MAXLEN=150,XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
A name for this Dictionary. A dictionary name should be unique within the domain.
• property profile as %String(MAXLEN=150,XMLPROJECTION="ATTRIBUTE");
The Matching profile to be used for matching terms in this dictionary. See also %iKnow.Model.matchingProfile. Leave blank to use the default.


• method %Validate(pDomainId As %Integer, pDomainDefinition As %iKnow.Model.domain) as %Status