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class %Api.Mgmnt.v2.disp extends

The API Management API manages the APIs which are defined using a RESTSpec. In addition limited supported for legacy REST applications based on direct subclassing of %CSP.REST is included. Dispatch class defined by RESTSpec in %Api.Mgmnt.v2.spec

This class was generated by %Api.Mgmnt.v2.spec.


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• parameter CHARSET = "utf-8";
The default response charset is utf-8
• parameter CONTENTTYPE = "application/json";
Default the Content-Type for this application.
By default convert the input stream to Unicode
• parameter HandleCorsRequest = 1;
This parameter influences the CORS support. The default is an empty string meaning 'not specified'. If set to true (1) then CORS processing is ON. If set to false (0) then CORS processing is OFF. If left unset "" then the decision to process CORS is delegated to the setting on the URL map route.
• parameter IgnoreWrites = 1;
Ignore any writes done directly by the REST method.
• parameter SpecificationClass = "%Api.Mgmnt.v2.spec";
The class containing the RESTSpec which generated this class


• classmethod CreateApplication(pnamespace As %String, papplicationName As %String) as %Status
Create a REST applicaiton from the OpenAPI 2.0 definition.
• classmethod DeleteApplication(pnamespace As %String, papplicationName As %String) as %Status
Delete a REST application.
• classmethod GetAllRESTApps() as %Status
Get the list of all REST applications
• classmethod GetAllWebRESTApps() as %Status
Get the list of all legacy REST applications
• classmethod GetApplication(pnamespace As %String, papplicationName As %String) as %Status
Get OpenAPI 2.0 definition of this REST application
• classmethod GetRESTApps(pnamespace As %String) as %Status
Get the list of all REST applications in a namespace
• classmethod GetWebRESTApplication(pnamespace As %String, pwebApplication As %String) as %Status
Get OpenAPI 2.0 definition of this %CSP.REST based REST application.
• classmethod GetWebRESTApps(pnamespace As %String) as %Status
Get the list of all legacy REST applications in a namespace