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class %iKnow.Model.dictionaryFormat extends %iKnow.Model.node

Model representation of a Dictionary Term consisting of a single Dictionary Format element. See also %iKnow.Matching.DictionaryAPI

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parameter XMLNAME = format;
Inherited description: This parameter provides the default XMLNAME for the class. If it is empty then the class name will be used to construct a default XML name. The default XMLNAME is used as the top level tag when exporting objects and the export context did not provide an XML container name.

Properties (Including Private)

property disabled as %Boolean (XMLPROJECTION = "attribute");
If set to 1, this element is ignored when compiling, validating and building the domain
Property methods: disabledDisplayToLogical(), disabledGet(), disabledIsValid(), disabledLogicalToDisplay(), disabledLogicalToXSD(), disabledNormalize(), disabledSet(), disabledXSDToLogical()
property formatClass as %String (MAXLEN = 250, XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
The implementation class to use for matching this format. This should be a subclass of %iKnow.Matching.Formats.Format
Property methods: formatClassDisplayToLogical(), formatClassGet(), formatClassIsValid(), formatClassLogicalToDisplay(), formatClassLogicalToOdbc(), formatClassNormalize(), formatClassSet()
property formatParams as %String (MAXLEN = 1000, XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Any parameters required by formatClass
Property methods: formatParamsDisplayToLogical(), formatParamsGet(), formatParamsIsValid(), formatParamsLogicalToDisplay(), formatParamsLogicalToOdbc(), formatParamsNormalize(), formatParamsSet()
relationship item as %iKnow.Model.dictionaryItem (XMLPROJECTION = "none") [ Inverse = formats , Cardinality = one ];
Property methods: itemGet(), itemGetObject(), itemGetObjectId(), itemGetSwizzled(), itemIsValid(), itemNewObject(), itemRClose(), itemRExec(), itemRFetch(), itemRelate(), itemSQLCompute(), itemSet(), itemUnRelate()

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method %Validate(pDomainId As %Integer, pDomainDefinition As %iKnow.Model.domain) as %Status [ Language = objectscript ]

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